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Best Residential Building Contractors In Chennai

United Builders is a one stop solution for all your construction related needs. If you are searching for residential building contractors in chennai your search ends here. We provide finest quality construction services.

Our story

United Builders was started out of necessity after listening to the pain points of customer in finding a building contractor and managing the project without any quality issues, time and cost over-run. We were previously a part of construction company which focused on building custom individual homes in customer’s plot.

Preconstruction Design

  • 2D Floor plan 

  • Structural Designing

  • 3D Elevation Deisgn

Design & Construction Estimate

  • Basement height: Upto 3 feet

  • Steel: ARS

  • Aggregates: 20mm & 40mm

  • Blocks: 6 inch for Exterior Wall & 4 inch for Interior Wall or

  • Bricks: 9 inch for Exterior Wall & 4.5 inch for Interior Wall (Rs.20/sft extra during rainy season due to increase in bricks price)

  • Cement: Ramco / Ultratech /Coromandel 

  • M Sand: Blockwork & P Sand: Plastering

  • RCC Design Mix: M20

  • Waterproofing: BOSTIK

  • Ceiling Height: 10 Feet.

Other Inclusives

  • Overhead Tank: 2000 litres Sintex

  • SS Staircase Railing

  • Parapet Wall 3 Feet High (included if headroom is built)

  • Roof weathering is included if the build-up area is more than 2000 sft.

  • 1 MS safety grill gate for main door

  • Soil testing

  • Structural designing

  • Rain water harvesting

Lofts & Shelves:

  • 1 Loft in each bedroom, kitchen & pooja room on the shorter side of the wall

  • 1 Shelf in each bedroom, kitchen & pooja room of maximum width 5 feet

Extra Charges

  • Compound Wall 

  • Lift

  • Carpentry & other wooden work

  • EB Connections & Charges

  • Govt. approval charges

  • Water Connections & Charges

  • Underground water storage Sump Rs 25 Per Litre

  • Overhead concrete tank Rs.40 per litre

  • Gates

  • Elevation Work Extra

  • Water recycling tank based on the requirement

  • Additional foundation height

  • Electrical/plumbing drawings

  • Interior 3D view or walkthrough

  • Outer area development (setback

Our Quality Guarantee

Are you looking for a house construction company in Chennai? You are at the right spot. There are many construction company in Chennai, but we are one of the best construction company in Chennai. Check out our free construction cost calculator tool below.Just choose the package, type in the construction area and few other basic info and get the construction cost.

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